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Hokuto City in the northern end of Yamanashi,
There is Ohana to the south of the Yatsugatake.

Cool in summer, winter is less snow.
Clear skies are many, Fuji looks very beautiful.


Guide to the kitchen Ohana

Kitchen Ohana

1149 Murayama-Nishiwari, Takanecho,
Hokutoshi, Yamanashi, Japan


Hours / Reservation

open : 11:30〜17:00
closed : Sunday・Monday(unless otherwise noticed)
Reservation : 0551-46-2177

Arriving by train

Arriving by train (from the chuo-line, Nagasaka Station)

Get off at the JR Chuo Line "Nagasaka Station".
It is a local small station.
There is also a bus, but the number has become a very small inconvenience.

If you take a taxi, about 2000 yen in one way, it takes.

By car

By car (from the chuo-highway, Nagasaka interchange)

IMG_3833.jpg Nagasaka out of the inter change of chuo-highway,
turn left at the first intersection.
Past "Gochoda" the intersection, will head to the "national road 141 Route direction."
You can watch the post office is your left side, turn right at the next intersection.

 In front of the orange gas station (JA), it is the intersection with a big "watch tower".
Descend to Yatsugatake the opposite direction. It is too far to go to Lawson (convenience store).
Next from the intersection, which fell about 200m of "Furuiodo (Kannon)".
Behind the fire, it is the old house of the red rain gutter.

Parking is about seven to eight minutes, it is available.
On the road side (the shop on the north side), because there is a gravel pull of parking, please use.

 (Guests with organizations,
  Can only, it will be saved as you please come and rode)


from No. 32 prefectural road

Ohana is located in the place where little went from No. 32 prefectural road.
From prefectural road No. 32, Ohana of the sign is visible.


Map on the north side (above), there is a "prefectural road No. 32".
From there, and proceed to the east (right), to the "Route 141 (Kiyosato over Nirasaki)"
Chuo Expressway to the west (left) and to the "Nagasaka Inter", has led.