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Open the events, Regularly.
Event Planning is also in recruiting.



Please make your reservation

IMG_2969.jpgWe can make only 20 meals / 1 day, it is sold out day in many cases.
We ask you to Reservation by phone, always.
(We do not take online reservations)

Please make your reservation, time and the number of lunch.
(Last order of lunch, 15: 00)

Kitchen Ohana Reseravation 0551−46−2177
(Contact Hours: 11:00 ~ 16:00)

Guest of tea and sweets only, when at any time you like.

OHISAMA PLATE(with brown rice・soup・ginger flavor tea)   1350yen
SET SWEETS(Lunch plate ordered, discount the sweets)   +250yen

Ohana's meal, all are made with plant material.
Allergies of milk, egg, meat and fish, we can support at any time.
Customers who other allergic, please contact us.
As much as possible to support.

When you reserve your room, you will serve your favorite time.
(11:30 to 15:00)

Customers who can guide you to a period of 30 minutes, making it up to 5 people.
Only customers can be, in order for you to spend slowly comfortable,
We are attentive of the service I was allowed narrowed down to number of people.

Customers of organizations, please consult the day before.

Customers of tea only, at any time will guide you.
We will welcome in the mighty of tea and Suites.


The young children of our customers

P4243651.jpgKitchen Ohana is the Restaurant of a small child OK.

In the cafe, many at the small children refuse,
I myself, when still small children,
There is no place to go to eat, there was a troubled experience.

But I think also that it is necessary such adult shops,
In the same way also to families with small children
And I want you to eat and enjoy, I guess Are think.

But, come to Ohana
Children of tension is there is a tendency to go up to the abnormal.

Like the tiger to come out to the Story of Little Black Sambo,
Also Come round and round around children the room.

Strange voice also troubled.

Round and round around children, as soon as butter,
More and more because we bake in the hot cake,
Please note.

About toilet before the frog

IMG_4483.jpgIn front of the Ohana of the toilet, it has hanging frog made of tin.
Although the shopkeeper, good bought by love at first sight, troubled in place to put,
Finally, we settled on this place.
Grasp the chain, the figure that is to try to bluff, it is struck in the chest.

The trouble is that, convinced that it is the toilet of electricity,
Tensile keep customer is Welcome.

Toilet of electricity, there is a switch on the wall of the opposite side.