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Kitchen Ohana
Restaurant name meaning "family".


About us.psd

Word meaning "family"

IMG_4480.jpg"Ohana" is,
Word meaning "family".

Not only blood relatives,
With nature, and the animals, and humans.
Earth was also included everyone, visible place, behind the scenes,
Leads to complexity, we made this world.

Like a family.

life link to life.
We want to make a meal that was to cherish such a "bond".
Beautiful Yatsugatake is forever,
To be a warm place to be able to live with everyone smile.

In such feelings,
This place was named "Ohana".

It is a shop selling a happy time of moments.


Nostalgic coziness

Kitchen Ohana was made fix the old house.

Old tools and antique, traditional style of architecture of Japan,
Engawa across the wind, stone dirt floor.
Such as the house of the old grandmother, there is a nostalgic coziness.

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