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Spend your chillin time,
with excellent tea, fascinating taste of the sweets.

Delicious thing stick to thoroughly,
everything is original recipe.



Natural Sweets

IMG_3435.jpgWhen you spend a slow time of the afternoon.
You can enjoy the best of the cafe time, at Ohana.

They were selected from all over the world,
And excellent tea, The finest coffee beans,
try with delicious homemade cake.

Ohana's sweets are using only the plant material.
All vegetarian and guests to the eggs and milk are allergic,
with peace of mind, you can enjoy them.

We will use to choose a good quality sweetness,
the organic maple syrup, rice syrup, beet sugar.
and handmade brown rice milk.

A sweets recipes that everyone can eat in peace, I always thought.

IMG_4012.jpgSweets is a daily, various.

Baked ones.
Those cool ones using kudzu and agar.
Condensed seasonal fruit to ice cream.
Excellent compote.

In a special afternoon time, with close friends,
Or spend time reading alone, quietly.

Delicious tea and sweet ones,
If it is possible to spend a fun time, I hope.

Daily sweets   450yen
※Lunch Plate ordered discount   250yen

『 Cake set 』choose drink at the menu and sweets   750yen

Cafe Time Menu.psd

Cafe Time Menu

We try to always provide the best quality sweets.

Carefully selected plant material, spent the time,
More beautiful, delicious, and devise an appealing sweets.

Apple pound cakeWater melon and coconut puddingBanana cakeTarte Tatan (Tatan's apple pie)Home made ginger aleNot use cheese, cheese cakeChestnut of Bonnet (local confectionery in northern Italy)Ground cherry pudding of Yatsugatake