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Ohana's Cuisine, all vegetarian dishes.
Make without milk and eggs, meat.

To feel a delicious, very important to think.
We are always thinking, a new vegetarian recipes to healthy the guest.
It is our "OHISAMA PLATE".


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Ohisama One Plate Lunch

IMG_4140.jpgHealthy, delicious and safe meal.
Ate people like become Morimori healthy.

Ohana's lunch nicknamed [OHISAMA PLATE].
Made use of the cooking technology of Macrobiotic, raw food, COBO (dishes that use the fermentation), millet cuisine, are made with multinational recipes with a focus on grain vegetarian diet.

(All meals not contain meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, honey,
eggs and dairy products or their by-products).

You can enjoy the best of vegetarian cuisine at any time.

We can make only 20 meals / 1 day, it is sold out day in many cases.
We ask you to Reservation by phone, always.
(We do not take online reservations)

Please make your reservation, time and the number of lunch.
(Last order of lunch, 15: 00)

Kitchen Ohana Reseravation 0551−46−2177
(Contact Hours: 11:00 ~ 16:00)

Guest of tea and sweets only, when at any time you like.

OHISAMA PLATE(with brown rice・soup・ginger flavor tea)   1350yen
SET SWEETS(Lunch plate ordered, discount the sweets)   +250yen

Ohana's meal, all are made with plant material.
Allergies of milk, egg, meat and fish, we can support at any time.
Customers who other allergic, please contact us.
As much as possible to support.


Grain vegetarian diet

DSC_2800.jpgOhana's meals, made to the base of the diet of the "macrobiotic".

Macrobiotic diet has been devised from the traditional Japanese diet.
It's "grain vegetarian"cuisine.
Use brown rice, fresh vegetables and seaweed, is dishes with millet.

We do not think exclusively, about no good is to eat the animal.
What we think carefully.
It works gently on the body, beautiful from the inside,
such as become a happy feeling.

We have pursued a meal that way.
It is our cuisine in the form of "grain vegetarian diet".

Cooking is based on the French,
has added essence of Japanese, Chinese, the ethnic.
Taste around the world, using the new cooking method.

But I feel nostalgic, we aim to this taste.


Vegetables of Yatsugatake

IMG_4165.jpgSelected seasonal vegetables of Yatsugatake.

"No. 48" is kind of Rice, called "legendary" in Yatsugatake.
The took vegetable soup served with the highest quality of kelp.
Dishes made with colorful vegetables, Today.

Filled full of vegetables in season of energy, it is the best of the feast.


harmony with nature

IMG_2968.jpgIt is fun, to eat with someone.
It's gently to the body, and safely.
It is intended to continue to live in harmony with nature.
And, purely delicious thing.

In Japan, there is word "温故知新(onko-thishin)".
Cherish the wisdom, inherited from the past,
and create a new one, in the future.

Made dish to satisfy the mind,
We want to make a happy things, Today.